Getting Verified

What types of accounts gets verified?
The legitimate and active users on Wowolf may get verified either via sending us a request or purchasing pro status.

How long does verified status last?
Verified status will last forever. (More about verified revokation below)

Verified request was denied, why?
If you're in this situation where your verification request has been denied you've either missed or left out a couple of details or simply written a poor request. You can re-submit your application but keep in mind that the more failed attempts from your end will end up in us not accepting or denying your request, making it impossible for you to request verification again.

Verified user perks.
There are no direct website features that users with verified status gets (unless they've purchased pro status) But users with verified status will have have increased chance on being on the "20 users to follow" list.

Where do i submit my request?

Verified status revokation.
There are a couple of ways for an user to have their status revoked.
User violated one of our website rules.
User has been inactivated for 7 days or more.

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