About Wowolf
Wowolf is a free and open social network for everyone

Wowolf is a social networking platform - relaunched and remastered on December 22nd 2018. 


You may wonder what makes us so different - why this when there's Facebook? We value your privacy and highly respect your demands of removing any information about you. Wowolf is not a corporation nor do we profit from our users data and information which you provide to us.

We offer you a lot of useful features to begin your journey on Wowolf such as:

  1. Pages - Create unique pages
  2. Groups - Create groups and become "ONE" with others
  3. Blogging - Create your own "News" like articles
  4. Games - Bored? Try a minigame provided by Miniclip.
  5. Find friends - Find people closeby who you can start interacting with
  6. Market - Sell/advertise your digital or real life products to people around the world
  7. Microblogging - Microblog your way to the top
  8. Events - Create and join events created by anyone
  9. Albums - Why upload one image at a time when you can make an album with 100+ images
  10. Save posts - Be able to save posts made by others to have a look at it whenever without scrolling through thousands of other posts
  11. Timeline sorting - Choose wether to see posts done by your followings or choose to see posts by everyone in our community
  12. Poke - Poke your friends for no reason at all and see the numbers grow large.
  13. Messaging - Message your friends or join a group chat for fun.
  14. Reactions - React to posts and show how you feel about what others post.
  15. Points - Become #1 active user on Wowolf and gain points and compete with others.
  16. Stories - Create stories which will remain active and available for 24 hours.
  17. Advertising - Create your own advertisements and allow people to check out your website/what ever!
  18. Night mode - Don't like the light? Turn on Night mode and enjoy the darkness!
  19. Activities - Review your recent activities
  20. Your data - Download your data and skrim through what we store about you!
  21. Comment & Reply - Comment and reply to other people's posts/comments.
  22. Affiliation - Recruit new users with your affiliate link and make money (payouts via paypal).
  23. 2auth - Keep your account protected with out 2authentication.
  24. Sessions - Handle your sessions and see where your account has been accessed from.
  25. Verification request - be able to become verified with just a request!

Special features:

  • Boost posts - Receive more attention to your posts!
  • Boost pages - Get a larger page following by boosting your pages.
  • Go-Pro & Get verified instantly
  • See who visits your profile
  • Hide/Show your recent active status


We on Wowolf wants to make sure that everyone can feel like they belong somewhere! We have Moderators active 24/7 that exists to keep Wowolf maintained and friendly!

*Keep in mind that our moderators have no intentions to remove statuses/comments because it contains swear words, they exist to remove content that violates our Community Guidelines.


Wowolf is kept highly moderated in order to keep people below age of 18 safe. We there for use various filters and various tools to quickly detect harmful links, messages and other kind of suspecious material that may get young people in trouble. For example: Virus, malware, pornography and more...

We value your safety and privacy and hopes that you feel rather safe than sorry.

("YOU") as a ("USER") can have direct conversations with website Moderators at any give time and you may also reach out to us via Email or our Ticket support.


Would you like to know more about us? Get in touch with us and we'll resolve any questions that you have.