Community Guidelines

  • Adult content: Do not upload images, videos or GIFs that show real-life human genitals or female presenting nipples, this includes content that is photorealistic that it could be mistaken for featuring real life humans. Don't upload any kind of content (images, videos or gifs) that depicts sex acts, contains nudity or could be considered too sexualized.

  • Violent content and threats, gore and mutilation: Do not post content which includes violent threats toward individuals or groups - this includes threats of theft, property damage, or financial harm. Do not post videos or images containing gore, animals or human remains or content of torture and harming animals or human beings.

  • Promoting self harm: Do not post content that actively promotes or encourage others to potentially hurt themselves (eg: cut or injure themselves; embrace anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders) or commit suicide.

  • Minors: Be thoughtful and respectful when interacting with a minor on our website; Don't post or solicit anything relating to minors that is sexually suggestive or violent. Don't bully minors even if you are one.

  • Deceptive or fraudulent links: Do not mislead people with links that may cause harm to our users or link them towards third-party sites that may contain adult content or gore of any kind.

  • Spam: Don't spam people via messaging. Don't make spammy posts and don't spam with replies to someone's post. Be a decent and regular human being. Don't put tags on your articles that will mislead or deceive searchers for example: Don't put tags unrelated to a cat photo. Do not spam your way to the top on the toplist of scores, we will suspend and reset your score.

  • Harassment: Don't engage in targeted abuse or harassment. Don't engage in the unwanted sexualization or sexual harassment of others. If another user is sending you unwanted seuxalized messages or images you're encouraged to block them immediately and report them.

  • Unlawful uses or content: Don't use Wowolf to conduct illegal behaviour. You're not allowed to be selling weapons, drugs or any dangerous substances on our market.

  • Account dormacy: You're recommended to be visiting Wowolf atleast once a month to show that you're a still active user of Wowolf. If this can't be done your account will be deleted without notice.

  • Username/URL hoarding or abuse: Don't squat, hoard, amass, accumulate, accrue, stockpile, rack up, buy, trade, sell, launder, invest in, ingest, get drunk on, cyber with, grope, or jealously guard usernames/URLs.

  • Terrorism: Wowolf doesn't tolerate content that promotes or encourages acts of terrorism that includes content which support or celebrates terrorist organizations, theur leaders or associated violent activities.

  • Deceiving ADS: Do not create deceiving advertisments to lure users into clicking only to be baited onto a website which may contain gore, pornography or harmful content that may potentially harm them or their computer/phone.

  • Personal Information / images: Do not buy, sell, trade or distribute images or information of someone, this includes personal information and images that may cause harm for someone.

  • Pirated and stolen content: Do not distribute videos, images or files that has been stolen or copied. Do not re-post someone elses work without given permission. Permission shall always be given to the creator of which content you've uploaded unless content is shared through a third-party link (eg, imgur, youtube, vimeo... Etc)


  • Catfishing/Misleading PF: Do not create a fake profile using images or information of someone else unless permission is given by that person. Do not claim to be someone who you aren't and mislead people into believing that they are chatting with that person you're pretending to be.

  • Disposable Mails: Do not use disposable mail services to sign up on our website. In order for you to recover, login and delete your account, you must have a valid E-mailaddress.

  • Spam/Trash Accounts: Do not create multiple spam/trash accounts using similar usernames to (asdfsdfdsa).

  • Username, First Lastname: Do not create an account with a first-, last- or username that contains spam, unnecessary (long)words or racial slurs.

  • Ban Evading: Do not create new accounts if your account has already been suspended. To get information regarding your suspension or to appeal your ban, contact us.


  • Marketing Accounts: Accounts created for marketing purpose - for example creating an entire profile with name, photo and links only to advertise with no intent to use our website will be deleted without notice. If you want to advertise on our website - you may create your own campaign.

  • Videos from Third-party websites: All kind of videos which has been downloaded from third-party sites using third-party softwares will be removed, you're advised to post a third-party link; linking to that video's original source. Unless if permission is granted for you to re-post someone else's content, you're allowed to post whatever if credit has been given to it's creator.

You're always recommended to report anyone that breaks our community guidelines - you can do it via reporting them by clicking the report button on our site or by contacting us.