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Our website was recently updated with multiple fixes, updates and new features such as:

ADDED new emojis to messages and posts.
ADDED drag and drop to upload stories page.
ADDED unseen effect to stories.
ADDED new video player.
ADDED video player for movies.
ADDED drag and drop to create an album page.
ADDED audio player on chat when sending a recording file.
ADDED new dropdown menu on header, post and profile.
ADDED new upgrade to pro system. Now users can upgrade to another pro package using the same go pro page instead of using settings page.
ADDED new cron-job.php file, (should be added).
ADDED ISO system for langs.
ADDED Href SEO meta tags.
ADDED the ability to upload files from server directly to third party stroages like S3.
ADDED custom endpoint for each storage (CDN support).
ADDED new reaction icons.
ADDED stories unseen border colored animation (profile page).
ADDED 10+ more regions to Wasabi, Ocean and Amazon.
ADDED the ability to choose who can use the affiliate system.
ADDED the ability to edit forum sections and forum names.
ADDED the ability to set custom minimum withdrawal amount.
ADDED "Add Photo" button to post publisher box after choosing an image.
ADDED Google Translate API for posts.
ADDED "Email Deliverability" system to debug and check the log of SMTP settings.
ADDED Hindi, Urdu, Chine, Indonesian, Croatian, Hebrew, Bengali, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Persian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Danish, and Filipino languages.

We've also done some backend updates and upgrades on our servers.

Added a tracker to the Poke feature, allowing you to see how much you and the target user has poked eachother back and forth.


Fixed a minor issue were certain functions didn't work due to a scripting error.
Added trend use counter and last used date.
Best Friend will now only show name instead of their name and picture.


Wowolf has received a makeover, i hope you'll be able to work out this site and it's features through the new design.

You may also find personal analytics on your own profile page. And a long forgotten feature has been added to your analytics, which is the chat best friend feature. You can now see who you chat with the most.

Be a part of Wowolf.