Santa reaction is now live and active!

We have recently removed over 100 Accounts that we suspect are bots/junk and/or spam accounts.

We have also updated dark theme.

A large amount of registered users on is premusably bots/junk accounts.

We're now going to validate and remove those we believe are not actively using and/or visiting our website no more.

Data of removed accounts will be removed along with their account, this includes everything from personal info, posts, images, etc.

Accounts that last visited 24+ Weeks ago will be considered inactive. We'll not be able to reinstate accounts nor will we be able to restore any data. If account is removed you'll have to register a new account with us.

~ Wowolf

Default profile picture for male & female has been changed to our logo. If you do not wish to have our logo as a profile picture, then you can change it in your account settings.

Logo updated 🥳🥳